If you're anything like me, you take forever to make a decision. You read a million reviews, make a ton of phone calls and watch/listen to a bunch of songs or go see whatever band you're looking into. Let me just save you the trouble..book this band. I can't possibly say enough good things about them. Steve was my contact throughout and he could not have been more professional, friendly, and responsive, always answering my many questions and emails and adapting to changes in plans. Their sound is the best part though- we had seen them in a bar and they sounded even better at our wedding. They learned our song weeks before the wedding and it was perfect. They had everyone up and dancing-even my 90-year-old grandma! They are true professionals and it shows-you can tell they've been playing together forever because their sound is absolutely flawless and their harmony is amazing. Not to mention their insane song repertoire! They really made our wedding so special and memorable. Book them-you won't be disappointed!

Mott/Neil  8/22/20




I can’t write enough good things about the Uptown Getdowns. So many of our wedding guests couldn’t stop raving about the music. The band is so talented, engaging, and know exactly what to play to have all guests, young and old, up on the dance floor having a great time. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!!

Germani/Kinney 9/28/19


HIGHLY RECOMMEND. This band is awesome, they sound great, and have the best energy! If you want the have the best wedding ever, BOOK THEM

​Hickey/Lachner 9/7/19


Hiring Uptown Get Downs was the BEST decision we made! 

Hired the band for our outdoor tented wedding on 8/24. Working with Steve was great; he was extremely flexible, attentive and always available. The band learned the 5 songs we requested and absolutely nailed them. They really made our wedding come to life. The groom and I are still in awe of their performance, as well as, all of our guests. A few people asked us after the wedding for their contact info to hire. Book them!! You will be so happy you did.

Thanks Uptown Getdowns for everything! You made our day the best.

​Brower 8/24/19


The Uptown Getdowns were hands down the best vendors we booked for our wedding!

We'd seen them live before - both at a bar in Hoboken and at a friend's wedding - so we were confident going in that the quality of their performance would be excellent. But what we didn't anticipate was how incredibly communicative they were leading up to the wedding. Steve went above and beyond to get a sense of me and my husband, our guests, and the vibe we were trying to create. When our wedding day rolled around and it was 105 degrees, they still managed to get everyone on the dance floor. I cannot possibly recommend them enough!!

​Contillo 7/20/19


Hands down, the best band around.

Not only are they all such great people, but they are such talented musicians! They brought such fun, joy and love to our special day and we were so lucky to have them there with us. Everyone danced all night long and shouted "Encore!" when they were done because no one wanted them to stop playing. Thank you guys for being so awesome and rocking our wedding! <3

​Giagrande/Kot 11/16/18


The band was absolutely amazing!

Throughout the night multiple people from both my and my wife's family came up to us saying they loved the band. They were always responsive in the months leading up to our wedding, and were able to accommodate all of our requests. The ceremony music was just what we had hoped for, and they kept the party going for the entire reception! We are definitely recommending them to others.

​Franchuk 10/13/18


Unbelievably talented, Made our reception amazing

My husband and I wanted a live band but weren’t sure if we could afford it. My husband saw the band perform at a bar and got in touch. The band was super responsive and easy to work with. Their prices were within our budget. If it weren’t for their reasonable prices, we would be unable to have a live band! The Uptown Getdowns did not disappoint! They far surpassed our expectations. They offer an extensive and varied song list. They also offer to learn a variety of songs such as our first dance song and father/daughter dance. Our wedding had a wide variety of people, young and old, outgoing and shy, etc. The band was excellent catering to our varied guests and making sure everyone had fun. They followed any special instructions to a T. We can be awko tacos and they worked with us and made everything super easy and relaxed. They learned an important Irish song, The Parting Glass, for the last song of our reception. I will always remember that moment as one of my favorites ever. Thank you so much to the Uptown Getdowns. I would sincerely recommend them to anyone and would answer any questions about them. 

-Ross and Mary Sanderson 8/11/18


The Uptown Getdowns rocked our wedding!!!

We are so happy we chose them to be our wedding band. Their performance and talent was nothing short of amazing! They filled up the ballroom with their signature sound and kept our guests boogying through our special day. One of my favorite moments, was when the brass section joined us on the dance floor and kept the sounds swirling around us. That was super awesome, unexpected and added a nice bit of spontaneity. As we made our rounds to greet all our guests we couldn't even tell you how many compliments we got on The Uptown Getdowns. That is a great feeling. Steve (the drummer) was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. He was friendly, accommodating and made sure we had everything we wanted for our wedding. Overall, everything was perfect, and we couldn't think of a better to band to have at our wedding. Not only are they talented, fun, energetic, and professional, they are super reasonable too! So, if you're in search for an awesome wedding band definitely check out The Uptown Getdowns!

Kusama 9/15/18


My husband and I were blown away by The Uptown Getdowns!!

They were amazing at our wedding!! They have so much energy and they play all types of music for different age groups. All of our guests can NOT stop talking about how great they were! We will definitely be recommending them to people. Thank you so much for making our wedding day one to remember!!

Kyle/Pepe 9/2/18


Absolutely Amazing!

So many people asked us for the bands name to later book them for events, including the venue. They made our day so much fun!! BOOK THEM NOW!!

Surace/Hanko 4/7/18


Stop what you're doing immediately and book this band.

Seriously. This is it. Click the button. They were that good. They were unbelievable. Young guests, older guests, and everyone in the middle were on their feet the entire time, and enthusiastically complimenting them was the first thing EVERYONE said to me that night (and I was the bride, so they could have said some other stuff, you know?) We had the 8 person version of the band, as we opted to include the optional brass section, which i also recommend. Those guys really enhanced the sound and brought the party to the dance floor--literally. They were out jamming and dancing in the crowd, which was awesome. They have an amazingly extensive song list (the first time I read it I wanted every single one played; if only there were enough time), but if on the off chance you want something they don't know they can learn it flawlessly within a matter of weeks. They learned our first dance song and it absolutely perfect. They took a break at one point to eat their dinner, but because the vibe was so good they didn't want to disrupt the flow and they played straight through the entire night. I think that's their best strength: reading the room and knowing what to play next. Every single song was a hit; no fillers, no misses. My groom and I even got a surprise icing (don't ask) from our friends, and they immediately went into "Ice, Ice, Baby" by Vanilla Ice to accompany it. Awesome. Lead vocalists are great. They have a great female singer and a wonderful male singer, which is a huge strength and allows them to have a diverse sound. Their overall sound is awesome, too, which is something that was tough for me when I was looking bands because my mom, sister, and aunt are music teachers and my uncle, cousin, and a member of our bridal party are professional musicians... but obviously these guys are top notch, so I had nothing to worry about. Their sense of humor is awesome, too. I put a bunch of jokes into what I asked them to read for the bridal party introductions and they pulled it off, which is something that could have really fallen flat if it were done incorrectly. And they were cracking jokes all night. Steve (the drummer and the contact for the band) was extremely professional, friendly, and easy to work with throughout the whole process. He got back to emails right away, which makes a huge difference if you're handling all the vendors yourself. Definitely recommend going to one of their shows and checking it out for yourself, we had a blast when we saw them play in Hoboken, but trust me, they're beyond awesome. Long story short, lock these guys down while you can!

DiBiasse/Joyce 2/17/18


My husband and I are SO happy that we discovered this gem of a band to book for our wedding in October 2017.

They sounded AWESOME and kept the energy going all night through everything from having horn players engaging throughout the dance floor, adding some funky personality to the songs, emceeing an anniversary song, and inspiring a gigantic conga line. It was SO much fun and all our guests keep raving about it. The band was also great to work with. They learned songs for us (and did it well), locked down all our preferences, got a feel for how our personalities should translate to the entertainment, and they were very professional and on-point with all the set-up & logistics. Even when our reception timeline got messed up during the wedding, they were able to just naturally go with the flow and flexibly adjust on-the-fly to make sure all the important moments and songs were covered. Great people, great music, great decision to hire this band!

Jasko/Rutz  10/13/17


We had the Uptown Getdowns for our wedding and they far exceeded all of our


My husband and I are huge music people and the music we had

for our wedding was extremely important. The band was amazing and we

couldn't have asked for anything better. They learned 5 songs that we

requested and we were blown away. I highly recommend having the Uptown

Getdowns for any event! The BEST wedding band we could've asked for. Thank

you guys for everything!

Hess/Lowrie 9/9/17


Book the Uptown Getdowns if you want to have a seriously rocking reception!

My guests were up on their feet dancing the night away to a perfect mix of music from every decade from the 60s to current hits and a nice balance of slow and faster songs. Steve, their drummer, is the main contact for the band, and he was completely relaxed and responsive to every question. When I contacted him he was quick to reply, and we even got to have a nice phone chat to talk more about our vision before we decided to book them. Their song list is extensive, but they are also super flexible when it comes to learn a few new songs that are special to you. I requested a few songs from their "extras" and "special requests" list, and they made sure to play them for me. They even got someone to play a custom song for our ceremony! Our mothers (gay wedding here) were a little slow on deciding what song they wanted to have a mother-son dance to, but they were quick to rehearse it when given a week's notice, and it was perfect. And personally, every band member I talked to was just a genuinely great person - nice, funny, quick-witted, professional, and knowledgeable about their craft. Mary, their main vocalist, has a unique talent to lend her voice to a wide variety of musical genres and sound great in all of them (just look at their song list on their website), and vocalist/pianist Peter was the perfect emcee for the night - funny, sentimental, and great at reading a crowd. And Steve - a top-notch ad-hoc manager for his band that knows how to deliver a great party at a reasonable price. My guests couldn't stop raving about the band, and I'm still hearing from them today (the day after) about how awesome they are. One guest is even looking to book them for her own (non-wedding) event! As one guest said, "Can I book them to play my life?" They made a perfect soundtrack to a wonderful night, and because of them I still can't stop dancing even today.

Cody/Willis 5/20/17


The Uptown Getdowns were an absolute pleasure to work with. They had a huge library of songs to choose from and were extremely professional. They learned our requests with no problem. They looked great, sounded great and Pete did a wonderful job announcing and emceeing. They were fun and keep the party going all night!! Affordable and extremely talented. This is the wedding band you should go with. You will not be disappointed!!

Kamerer/Raguso 6/23/17


Our wedding would not have been the same without the Uptown Getdowns.

Almost a month later and every guest we talk to raves about how much fun they had at our wedding, largely in part to the GREAT band. We found them at Finnegan’s in Hoboken, NJ and were instantly impressed. Should you want to elevate the experience – be sure to add the horn section. They interacted with the crowd and added a whole other element. Planning with Steve was effortless – he was so easy to talk to and willing to collaborate for every part of the night. Equipment and lighting was top notch and the band was professional and personable throughout the entire evening. We would HIGHLY recommend them and couldn’t have imagined our special day without them. .

Cusanelli/Montagna 2/18/17


Weddings can be so stressful, the planning, organizing, vendors, etc.  But fear not on the BAND front!! The Uptown Getdowns were fantastic! Their website is great, very informative and you can get a total sense of their sound for sure.  As soon as we heard them, we called to book them. From that point on, it was totally seamless. They are VERY responsive, answer all questions and are SO accommodating.  The price was right, which made tipping them at the end of the night an absolute pleasure. Honestly, you can not go wrong with this great band!! Laurie (Mother of the Groom).

Randazzo/Jaffe Wedding 9/20/15


I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful performance you and your band put on at our wedding. We had such an amazing time! You were the right amount of class and sass that we were looking for!! All of our friends and family gushed about your performance. We will definitely write a review for you and refer as many people as we possibly can!  We loved every second of it. Thank you so much for making our night so special!

Concepcion/Barber 10/23/15


They were ridiculously awesome.

The Uptown Getdowns just played my wedding on Saturday.I actually probably neglected some of my bride duties because I could not keep myself off of the dance floor. My guests felt the same way and were there with me on the dance floor until the last song was played. The only time the dance floor wasn't packed was when the band took a break to hit the photobooth. These guys are seriously awesome and if I could hire them every weekend to follow me around to my friends houses and local bars, I would. They play a huge variety of music from motown, to funk, to 80s to 90s to more contemporary top 40 kind of hits. You will not be sorry if you hire the Uptown Getdowns. They are really the best.

Dressel/Potter 10/18/14


If you want excellent music at an afordable price for your wedding The Uptown Getdowns are the way to go.

They made my wedding awesome. People who don't dance on a regular basis were up dancing at my wedding. They are very accomadating with learning new songs. Honestly they will make your wedding day so rememberable and fun!!!!

Menz/Mollitor 6/11/11

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